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Theme tours to Italy are becoming popular among tourists who have already visited the art cities and had holidays on the beaches of this wonderful country, but who wants to come back again to plunge deeper into the life of local people, their culture and traditions , to discover the secrets and mysteries of this truly comprehend fairyland , to learn something new and useful, to have maximum relax or, conversely , to get a good dose of positive adrenaline.

Selection of the theme tours is so wide as multifaceted soul and human flight of fancy are. According to your tastes, we offer exactly the tour that fits your interests and hobbies . Here some ideas of theme tours are:

  • event-tours taking to important events such as carnivals, concerts, festivals, sporting events etc.;

  • wedding tours related to marriage and honeymoon;

  • spa & wellness tours promote health and well-being, the harmony between soul and body;

  • wine & gourmet tours discovering secrets of the best italian wines and local products;

  • pilgrimage tours to mark the religious holidays or followed steps of the saints;

  • learning tours: languages, fine arts, cooking-classes, photo tours, sports games etc.;

  • art & history tours backgrounding to art and history of different periods;

  • active holidays: skiing, roadshow, trekking, horse riding, rafting, diving tours and much

more ...

Tours can be combined one with another, for example, event tour with art tour , wine tour with spa tour etc. . On request, we will create a tailor-made tour program. It will be individual exclusive program made only for your small or large group, based on your interests and wishes and covered convenient for you period. Theme tailor-made tours organized by our professionals will help you to realize your innermost plans, to save your precious time and, thanks to it , your stay in Italy will be full of new positive emotions and experience.

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We are a Destination and Wedding Management company providing high quality services to corporate and leisure clients. We specialise in creating personal travel experience focused on incentive, corporate events, wedding ceremonies, tailor made programmes for business and leisure travellers with destination Rome and over the Italy.  

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