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Umbria is one of the smallest regions in Italy, and the only landlocked and not bordered by other states. It is located in the heart of "boot" and is bordered by Tuscany to the north-west and west, Lazio - to the south and Marche - on the north and east. The region's capital city of Perugia, named after the painter Perugino, Raphael's great teachers, is located on a hill in the picturesque open spaces. Provinces of Umbria are only two - Perugia (Perugia) and Terni (Terni). The main tourist towns of Umbria are Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Terni, Spoleto, Gubbio and Narni.

Nov 22, 2013

Many people consider Umbria the "sister" of Tuscany. They have common historical past, the breathtaking sceneries and mysterious medieval towns. Naturally, each of these regions has its undeniable merits.
Umbria is called the "green heart" of Italy for its divine marvelous nature: dense green mountains, sun-drenched hills, emerald lakes, vast fields.
Tourists love this land not only for soft tranquil landscapes, but also for its rich historical heritage. Each of the towns, which lie on the hills, keeps a distant echo of the past. You can walk to infinity on a mysterious ancient quarters and unlock the secrets of well-preserved medieval castles, jump into the kingdom of another world in cathedrals and churches of the Renaissance, enjoy the mosaic of galleries and museums.
After long walks on the narrow streets and exposure to multiple attractions, it is the time to taste simple, but delicious local cuisine. Especially popular are such meats as ham and sausage of Norcia (Prosciutto e salsicce di Norcia), dishes of lake fish (especially eels), soups, homemade pasta and delicacies based on the black truffle. Umbria is famous for its wines, first of all — white. That is no matter what you order in restaurant, you will be definitely invited to taste the local Orvieto, Torgiano or Montefalco Sagrantino.

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